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List of Sociology Research Topics for College Students

Research Methods in Sociology

Sociology research topics

Sociology research methods
  1. Discuss the role of art in representing life
  2. Develop an essay on the effects of globalization on indigenous cultures
  3. Select a community and discuss the role of food in communicating the identity of that culture
  4. How does technology affect eating and dressing behaviors?
  5. How has the fast-food economy affected society; consider the effect of McDonald foods on eastern cultures
  6. Discuss the role of green movements in influencing cultures
  7. Develop a case on the removal of high-sugar foods in school environments
  8. Discuss the role of transport in culture change
  9. Demonstrate how music affects thought processes and actions; compare ‘good’ and ‘bad’ music from a moral theory perspective.
  10. Argue, should an artist be legally charged for influencing another person to commit crime through their music?
  11. Compose a research paper on cultural misappropriation
  12. Do you think your culture influences the global culture, explain
  13. Do you think there are limits to free speech in society?
  14. Overpopulation is becoming a significant concern, propose at least ten solutions.
  15. Discuss the role of media content on society’s behaviors and attitudes
  16. Is terrorism real in America? What is your position, are American terror activities classifiable together with eternal acts of aggression?
  17. How could the government of the U.S. respond to internal or homegrown terrorism?
  18. The Trump’s and Obama’s administrations differ on their reality of Global Warming, what is your view? Is it a hoax or a reality?
  19. The drinking age should be lowered, discuss
  20. Discuss the subject of gun control in the U.S.
  21. Obese and oversize women are discriminated against in beauty contests, justify.
  22. Discuss the history of systemic racism in the globe
  23. Should governments be legislating on the number of wives one could have?
  24. “My language my choice,” the government is over-legislating on the use of the racial slur. Argue
  25. Society is increasingly relying on computer technology; working age should be lowered. Discuss
  26. The death penalty should be used in first-degree murder.
  27. Discuss whether prisons should come under privatization
  28. Discuss racial/white privilege
  29. Demonstrate how women are discriminated at the workplace
  30. Discuss the phenomenon of women earning lower or no wages during maternity leave
  31. Analyze the role of feminism in shaping global politics
  32. Are you a patriot? Elaborate
  33. Compare and contrast Plato and Aristotle’s social views.
  34. What are the impacts of labor migration on America’s society?
  35.  Identify and discuss skills lost due to offshoring and globalization in the west.
  36. If china raised its wage rate to America’s standard, can the American population fit the jobs currently offshored to china?
  37. Analyze the significance of the #MeToo movement
  38. Discuss conflict resolution skills and select the most critical skill in the present age
  39. Advance solutions to violence against women
  40. Students should be left to select subjects they want in high school and leave those they dislike
  41. How can learning institutions resolve the problem of bullying
  42. Discuss the efficacy of standardized tests
  43. How could the education sector resolve the problem of Low teacher-student ratio 
  44. Discuss the role of school uniforms in influencing teasing and bullying
  45. Teachers should make more money than doctors
  46. Private institutions should handle the public education system
  47. Religious education is better than academic education
  48. Identified ethical values necessary in the education sector
  49. Education should receive higher budgeting than war and defense
  50. Discuss why the U.S. should reconsider its education system
  51. The definition of a family has shifted from the traditional perspective, discuss in the light of information technology and social media platforms
  52. Identify a traditional role designated to women that could be better performed by a man
  53. Discuss how marriage has changed in the U.S.
  54. Analyze the effects and impact of divorce on children
  55. Discuss the impact of being adopted, as a child, to a family of a different ethnic group from a cultural conflict perspective
  56. Research on the impact of single parenting on children
  57. Discuss the concept of helicopter parenting
  58. Marriage has failed to assure happiness for children, research.
  59. Should society maintain traditional gender roles
  60. Highlight the benefits of social networks to teenage growth and development
  61. There too many divorces, governments should decide who gets married.
  62. Identify and discuss a society with an arranged marriage system.
  63. How has the concept of courtship changed?
  64. Discuss the aspect of children coming under the adoption of LGBTQ
  65. Are indigenous communities protected from cultural erosions facing developed regions
  66. Parents are forcing their children to participate in sports, clubs, and gymnastics when their choice is to stay at home, discuss
  67. Couples require educating on parenting before they have children.
  68. Couples should not have children, debate.
  69.  Highlight challenges faced by LGBTQ couples
  70. Develop a research paper on how the state of the elderly can be improved
  71. Children have moral obligations to take care of the elderly, discuss
  72. Discuss the generational differences between generations X, Y, and Z. 
  73. Increasing cognitive ability is critical to helping older people with dementia and discussing how having children around them could help achieve this goal.
  74. Discuss any three behavior learning theories
  75. Discuss and distinguish between negative and positive reinforcement, highlighting their benefits and limitations
  76. Elaborate on the bystander effect
  77. How has generation Y transformed society
  78. Discuss Hofstede socio-cultural components
  79. Conduct qualitative research on the impact of technology on culture change 
  80. Is tolerance and acceptance of diversity increasing across the globe or worsening, discuss and provide a solution to improving diversity acceptance
  81. Is the war on drug working, if not, how could you improve it?
  82. Discuss the validity of categorizing mental illness; how do we know that the ‘normal’ part of society is truly the abnormal section.
  83. Discuss the history of sociology
  84. Highlight hallmarks in the progress understanding of mental illness and its management
  85. Identify a religious system and discuss their approach to mental illness.
  86. Discuss the role of medicine in helping mentally ill people regain stability in and integration into society
  87. We are addicted to some things that are hardly recognized as addiction, debate.
  88. Is treating mentally ill people with drugs ethical?
  89. Discuss the impact of intergenerational interaction on culture change and intergroup formations
  90. Should society remain conservative of its traditions?
  91. Is it correct for businesses to market to children?
  92. Should the government be theocratic? What will be the effect on social rights and justice?
  93. Identify and outline the history of critical figures in sociology.
  94. Develop an interdisciplinary approach in sociology
  95. Discuss the place of sociology in non-governmental organizations
  96. Is technology transforming the society’s future to a utopian state? 
  97. Highlight factors resulting in youth delinquencies
  98. Is the government’s focus on prison as its major approach to crime control justifiable
  99. Identify methods that prisons and rehabilitation centers could use in reintegrating their members into society
  100. Should there be gender division of professions? Discus and integrate the LGBTQ sexual orientations
sociology research topics

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