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Psychology Research Paper Topics for College Students

The study of the human mind and behavior has occupied the attention of many scholars. The discipline interacts with other multiple disciplines such as health, sociology, anthropology, and history, among others. Its application to the workplace and other areas continues to find great significance. Here are some good undergraduate psychology research topics and questions that you one would consider in exploring the discipline.

Psychology research topics

Research Topics in Psychology

  1. Discuss the history of psychology
  2. Identify key figures and their roles in the growth and development of psychology
  3. Discuss four theories of psychology
  4. Discuss the role of technology developments used in psychotherapy
  5. Discuss psychology in the middle ages
  6. Explore psychopathy and five other forms of mental illnesses
  7. What are the psychological effects of pandemics such as COVID-19 on marginalized groups such as immigrants
  8. Discuss the contributions of Piagetian and neo-Piagetian to the field of education
  9. Discuss the role of incarceration in the behavior change of prisoners
  10. Conduct research on how human behavior has changed in the pre and post-industrialization phases of human history
  11.  Discuss the significance of stress in influencing scientific production
  12. Identify the psychological impacts of crisis and pandemics on families
  13. Explore education and its effects of school-going children
  14. What are the impacts of parental bullying at childhood in an individual’s adulthood?
  15. How would you help client-facing psychological effects of bullying to recover?
  16. Define and explain the roles of focus groups and other related groups in sharing and overcoming psychological distress
  17.  What is the role of forensic psychology in psychotherapy?
  18. What are the common disorders associated with COVID-19
  19. How to formulate research questions in a qualitative study in psychology
  20. What are the various types of scales used in measuring wellbeing?
  21. Discuss the role of virtual reality in psychotherapy
  22. Identity a wellness issue in psychology and discuss it through the lens of history and natural sciences
  23.  Discuss the converging point between neuroscience and psychology
  24. Discuss the concepts of self-construal and psychological distance
  25. Conduct research on friendship and empathy in inmates
  26.  What is the role of parental expectations on children’s self-esteem and self-efficacy?
  27. What is the role of social media in aggravating psychological distress?
  28. What is the role of social media in alleviating psychological distress?
  29. Conduct research on the psychological factors that enhances one’s ability to remain resilient during retirement r job loss
  30.  How can educators apply virtual reality in educating student nurses in psychotherapy?
  31.  Identify and discuss an experience that had a momentous psychological impact on you as a teenager?
  32.  Discuss Kohlberg’s stages of moral development
  33. What is the role of the post-convenience stage of moral development in shaping attitudes towards established rules and laws; use the case of Edward Snowden
  34. Identify whether innovativeness and adaptability are influenced by socio-economical factors or subject to psychological abilities?
  35.  If kids are born as “blank books,” what contributes to the differences in their cognitive abilities?
  36. Discuss the role of environment in behavior development
  37.  Discuss the influence of the bystander effect in criminal psychology
  38. Do you agree with the use of capital punishment in shaping the minds of would-be criminals, discuss
  39. Why is that only some people benefit from using antidepressants?
  40.  Discuss, can fake news influence the psychology of voters?
  41. What is the role of group-think in influencing group decision making?
  42.  Is it possible to achieve a standardized test for mental illness, as the case of diagnostic tests in other diseases?
  43.  There is nothing like mental illness, do you agree?
  44.  Identify the role of guidance and counseling in overcoming bullying
  45.  Discuss organizational stress and its impacts on employee loyalty
  46. What are the effects of the Smartphone age and social media on teenagers’ real-life interaction?
  47. discuss the role of culture in psychotherapy
  48. research on the input psychologists can play in the control of climate change
  49.  discuss the role of work-life balance in employees psychological well-being
  50. Select an organization of your choice and research on the strategies it uses to help its employees to attain psychological stability, make recommendations
  51. Discuss the role of studying patient psychology as a nursing student on the quality of care delivery
  52.  What are some of the challenges immigrants experience and the psychological impact of the experiences
  53.  Develop a project plan that you would use to provide a simple psychology treatment for patients in your community
  54.  Discuss race disparity in experiences of mental illness
  55.  Discuss the impacts of disagreements among psychologists on the professional
  56.  Every person has a desire to grow and become influential, debate
  57. Discuss one main method for studying psychology
  58.  Our objective and subjective observations are incorrect and need to be verified, do you agree? Discuss
  59.  Discuss autistic, reality, extra-version, and introversion modes of thinking
  60.  Discuss the role and suitable methods of behavior reinforcement in child discipline
  61.  Identify and discuss the changes in the understanding of human psychology that have been revolutionary
  62.  Discuss the concept of personality
  63. Discuss the law of experience and its application in psychology
  64.  Discuss the interaction of the conscious and subconscious levels of the human mind and their role in influencing implicit and explicit racism
  65.  Discuss the stages and process involved from the reception of sound vibration by the ear to response
  66.  Are animals conscious, and can they exercise will? 
  67. If animals have a will, do they qualify to be at the same level as human beings? What is the significance of your conclusion in supporting or challenging the theory postulating human beings originated from apes?
  68.  Some people believe that intelligence differs by race and that Asians are more intelligent than Europeans, debate.
  69.  Discuss the big five personality factors
  70.  Discuss and distinguish between imprinting, instinct, emotion and feeling judgment
  71.  Discuss the similarities and differences between artificial intelligence and psychology
  72.  Discuss the role of technology in improving life quality for older adults with dementia
  73.  Highlight the significance of the day-light-panic attack on the life quality and productivity of an individual
  74.  What is the significance of functional fixedness on decision making? Discuss
  75.  Discuss media violence and how it affects children’s growth and development
  76.  What is the impact of gender roles in influencing female’s self-esteem and self-efficacy in employment
  77.  Highlight the role of the glass ceiling concept in understanding the psychological barriers developed by women towards competing with other genders and sexes
  78.  Discuss the psychological path of older adults, identifying their response in successful and failed past
  79.   Identify and discuss the role of learning disabilities in children’s performance.
  80.   Justify whether the ethical standards in the Harlow’s Rhesus Monkey Experiments and the Stanford Prison Experiment
  81.  Discuss the role of prejudice such as homophobia and racism in influencing group think at national and international levels
  82.  Discuss the link between mental illness and eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa
  83.   Discuss the role of difference in parenting styles in influencing children behavior
  84.  Discuss the impact of false memory in witness testimony
  85.  What was the most significant input by Sigmund Freud and its impacts on psychology today?
  86.  Conduct a literature review on the coping behaviors in children
  87.  Perform a case study analysis on coping behaviors among women facing domestic violence
  88.  Conduct qualitative research on the impact of home confinement during quarantine on couples behavior
  89.  The human brain has the capacity to block negative memories, discuss
  90.  The change in the quality of life, human interactions, life demand, and other social, political and economic factors have resulted in changes n human life and psychology, should there be a paradigm shift in psychology practices?
  91.  Discuss the elements of the dark triad
  92.  Compare and contrast the moral foundation theory and dark triad
  93.  What are the differences between the norms of reciprocity and social exchange theory
  94.  Demonstrate the role of psychology in predicting an individual’s behavior
  95.  Justify the use of Ryff’s psychological well-being scale in the study of adolescents
  96.   Do you support the use of animals in psychology research? Do they provide results that could be transferred to human psychology interpretations? Discuss
  97.  Discuss the application of psychology in your professional area
  98.  Does technology, and its life-changing course, make people feel happier? 
  99.  Discuss the use of virtual reality in the management of patients with autism
  100. Discuss the use of music therapy in helping patients with stroke recovery
Psychology research topics

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